If I Had My Way was a performative action elaborated in the abandoned village of Tsarino, Bulgaria. The work was based on a photograph taken in 1989, depicting migrants hand-pulling horse carriages filled with their belongings, while crossing the border from Bulgaria to Turkey.

Relating to the action portrayed in the photograph, we designed a harness that would figuratively merge one’s body with one’s baggage. Built as a tool, this harness was a hand-woven vest, extending at the back with loose rope and screw eyes that would fasten it to the carried object. The harness was designed to be employed in our performance, so as to drag a large, collapsed wall fragment away from one of the abandoned houses of Tsarino and towards the exit of the village. As we advanced on our predetermined route, the wall fragment, which at first was plowing dirt, rocks and foliage, began to crack and decompose, progressively becoming easier to carry.