Transcripts is an installation consisting of communist propaganda publications and bilingual newspapers (Bulgarian-Turkish) from the early 80's that we first turned into pulp and then reconstructed into blank sheets of paper. This work is part of a series elaborated in the abandoned village of Tsarino, Bulgaria.

The source material was found in the derelict houses of the village and provided a clue to the time of abandonment (most of the newspapers were dated around 1982). Our work consisted of collecting and mashing these papers by using tools found on site, such as round stone mills previously used for grains. Discarded metal meshes and wood were used to build our molds. After turning the collected material into pulp, we sundried 30 new sheets of paper, one for each passing year since the abandonment of Tsarino.

Containing a chance-selection of traces, such as random bits of letters and punctuation, these documents became anti narratives, hinting towards the equivocal unfolding and understanding of recent history.